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Web Hosting Your Own Blog

Web hosting can be a challenge for any new blogger looking to create a web space for their ideas, projects, photographs, or any other reason why blogging would be an interesting idea to try. Learning how to blog, how to create and organize ideas into content can be an exciting learning opportunity for anyone interested in trying blogging for the first time. What I love about is that it has all the needed supports and services any new blogger will need to get an exciting blog up and running. It is so easy to use, and they have lessons on how to blog too! What more could anyone ask for?

At some point though, your interests might grow to explore other ideas about blogging. can assist that too by simply upgrading from your Free account to a WordPress Premium or WordPress Business account – still the great services but more too, like your own Domain name, more space for images, posts etc. To learn more about how to choose either a or a account, check out this great resource Get WordPress to compare them together.

Another idea out there is to create your very own Web Host account and host your own account online. While is fantastic, more options are available to you using your own hosting account and a installed web site. Most web host providers can offer subdomains, just like does.

Now that you’ve taken a closer look at hosting your own website I’ve selected a few hosting programs that offer you low-cost or free web hosting for your review.

The free hosting offer I’ve selected for you provides a large amount of web space for your files and posts, 2GB web space and 100GB of monthly web traffic, or visitors to your site. Think of online gaming and watching YouTube videos all month long! How many visitors to my site would that be? A 1,000 visitors per day to a web site, who are visiting two web pages per visit can use up to 8.5GB of traffic per month! Wow, that’s a lot of visitors! Try it!

The low-cost offer I’ve selected provides the Safest of the Safe web hosting with a variety of unlimited packages with web space and domain options to meet any new or experienced webmaster’s needs now and in the future. Give a try and let me know how it worked out for you!

If you sign up with one of my recommended partners I disclose that I use both of them myself and have a commercial affiliate relationship with them.

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