Created in 2016, ‘David’s Live Hole in the Wall’ internet blog will entertain you with insights you haven’t heard yet: about life, my interests, the work I do, my studies in a variety of areas, the hobbies and interests I have and anything else that peeks my interest in my life, work-world and the various communities I belong to.

Inside this ‘Hole in the Wall’ you will find information about the practice and theory of social work, including the supervision of other social workers, explore beautiful digital nature photography, see and hear acoustic and electric guitar playing tips and exciting information related to writing interesting articles and content and the art of entrepreneurship.

One of David’s past employee appraisals stated:

David is an extensively experienced and engaging Social Work Supervisor with proven strengths in supervision and consistently manages complex cases, leads high-performance motivated teams and implements efficient social work services that ensure smooth service delivery and quality client service.

My name is David Brady and I live with my family in a nice house in central Alberta Canada, (not a hole in the wall at all), where I and my wife enjoy an active life working and keeping busy with hobbies and interests we each have. Nature photography, hiking and camping in the Foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains provides me excellent opportunities to enjoy beautiful nature and wildlife photography. Many of the photo’s I’ve taken can be located here in these pages.

I enjoy reading books and articles and have begun writing articles and posts for this and other blogs I own and run as an amateur hobby. As an amateur blogger my interests vary from how to play guitar, nature photography, social work related sites, book review sites, and an outdoor rifle shooting site.

In learning to create internet content I’ve discovered a number of great ideas and suggestions to think about when creating and setting up blogs; their categories and tags. Subscribe to my email subscription list to hear more about what I’ve learned works for me.

Contact me by email below:

Why a ‘Hole in the Wall?
A ‘Hole in the Wall’ refers to the old cowboy ‘Hole in the Wall Gang’ who used a box canyon located in the remote Big Horn Mountains of Northern Wyoming, USA to hide out between cattle rustling, train and bank robbery jobs. Roughly between the 1860s and 1910, this area was a notorious stop on the outlaw trail during the romanticized lawlessness of the American West. This most famous hideout called the Hole-in-the-Wall was a remote spot in Johnson County Wyoming where outlaws such as Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch, the Logan brothers, and Jesse James would hide out from the law.

Growing up, stories about outlaw cowboys in the Wild West were a constant source of entertainment and fascination for me, bringing to my imagination the real-life images and memories of the heroes and villains in the Wild West.
(source: used without permission but with backlinks provided: Hole-in-the Wall Outlaw Hideout and Hole in the Wall Gang)


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