Front-Page Photo Credits

The ‘hole in the wall’ photograph at the top of this website, taken on Saturday, ‎July ‎3, ‎2004, at ‏‎2:30 PM shows an area where the rock is worn by logs pounded by high water in spring pushing the logs into the rock wall, honing out a hole, which you can see forming just above the water line.

Since that time, a giant rainfall occurred in June 2013 resulting in serious major flooding in southern and west central Alberta including this river. The amount of debris washed downstream here is now currently at the same location and has increased a lot. This is a photograph taken in September 26, 2015 at 3:06 PM at the same location. It shows the same hole, only it appears to be quite a bit deeper, and numerous logs are choking the opening of the hole now. It is only with the high waters of the spring melt and summer run-off that the water rises enough for the hole to be formed deeper, from early May to mid-July in any season.


The photograph comes from hiking above the location of Siffleur Falls, a water falls in western Alberta known as the training ground for the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion formed in 1942 prior to their transfer to England where they were engaged in action parachuting behind enemy lines just prior to D-Day in June 1944.

Monuments describing how these brave Paratroopers trained in the Canadian Rockies are located at the head of the trail staging area. Should you find you and your family travelling this area, it is well worth stopping to read their stories and remember both the bravery and sacrifice made by generations of these and other Canadians in decades past. Then celebrate our freedom and good health by hiking up to the Siffleur Falls!