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Ladislao José Biro, how did he invent the ballpoint pen?

The Biro, later to become the Bic ballpoint pen.
The Biro, later to become the Bic ballpoint pen.

Who was Ladislao José Biro, how did he invent the ballpoint pen and how did it help in World War II?

László József Bíró, was born on 29 September 1899 in Budapest in what was then Austria-Hungary.

He was a sometime journalist, painter and inventor who was frustrated with fountain pens blotting and smudging. He got the idea on a visit to a newspaper printing press, which used quick-drying ink and a roller.

“It got me thinking how this process could be simplified right down to the level of an ordinary pen,” he later said. The rest is history!

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How to Stay Employed and Continuously Learning

Numerous times in the past I’ve had to learn new roles in my career that have both challenged me and encouraged me to try harder to excel at what I’ve accepted. At first, it becomes very nervous for me to realize ‘how exciting to have this new challenging job’ only to think in a short time, ‘what am I going to do once they find out I don’t know what I’m doing?’ Over the years, I’ve come to realize new experiences are a challenging reward if approached in the proper manner.

Initially, I thought I could do anything, I was so ‘important’! I applied for jobs that were way beyond my skill and abilities – but I did so with good faith that a willing, quick learner with basic skills could somehow morph into that great leader I aspired to become. After numerous job interviews and following rejections which I did ask for feedback afterwards, what I heard taught me a good lesson that’s never failed me since. The interviewers I met with provided me with the information I already knew; that I was a keen, quick to learn individual with a basic understanding of the roles I was applying for.

However, I lacked any experience demonstrating those skills and abilities and was considered at that point as a liability. They would rather not fill the position than have someone with unproven credibility in the roles I was applying for. So, nice guys don’t finish first after all!

Following this, I began to be much pickier about which jobs I applied for and began with jobs I have a demonstrated track record with that offered quick advancement and learning opportunities in their career development paths. Bingo! Great rewards come to those who plan well!

I was soon employed in a higher position than I’d ever had before, just because they saw me as a keen quick learner with credibility in the prior work I’d done that suited and matched the skills and abilities they were looking for. I’ve never looked back and make it a point to follow my number 1 rule: Don’t apply for jobs I’m not qualified to have (stay easy there EGO) and it’s been great!

I’ve had so many challenging work experiences as well because I’m a self-starter who studies the new job when I begin and create a learning plan to produce the work I’m hired to do but more; I create a plan to excel at what I do and search for areas I can learn and demonstrate higher skills and abilities than the job I’m currently hired in. As a result, I’ve enjoyed promotions and assignments to special projects that have increased my experience and skills to the point I’ve reached my level of performance I’m happy with. There are other higher promotion available to me, some have been offered and suggested, but they take me from the area I have competencies and ability in – bringing me back to my rule number 1, don’t apply for position I’m not qualified for. Happy job hunting!



Scars are like memories
Sifting through my thoughts
Keeping the clock turning, time moving on.
Linking the moments in each person’s lives
Fusing the identity, the meaning of who I am, who you are.
Scars are like memories
Trying to keep track, of how I got to this, place and time
Of who I am, of how I got to this place in time… scars.
~ David Brady